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About us

When I was a kid growing up, I was always fascinated by electronics and such forms of emerging technology- As a teen my father gave me a broken TV that I completely disassembled and tried to repair. The joy I received from that experience got me enthusiastic about learning more. My father had a machine shop which I started working in at the age of 8. I remember how much fun it was to be able to create things using a lathe or milling machine. It was from this work that I developed a deeper desire to work with and design products that were the best and at the cutting edge of technology.

Frank Gabrielli, Save a BatteryIn high school, electronics class was my focus as well as after school techie jobs and projects. I joined an AV Sound Crew where I was exposed to great experience with equipment. I set up lighting and sound for events like: football games, dances, and even got out of class to set up AV equipment. It was a great life for a fifteen year old boy. I developed a company and for the last 30 years, I have been putting my passion into design. The products have varied but include: Waterbed Heaters and Controllers, Waterbed Massagers, Power Control Centers for Computers, Battery Backups for Computers, Hard Drives and Storage Systems. Currently my company continues to make a large selection of computer related products. I hired people equally passionate about technology and together we crafted one of the most successful storage and high quality cable companies ever, Granite Digital.

Save A Battery™, the product line brought to you by Granite Digital, revolves around my other inspiration and hobby... Automobiles. I relish cars, motorcycles, boats and airplanes... they are feats of engineering and artistic genius in perfect union to create function.

Today I own cars of different vintage, my oldest being a 1926 W.O. Bentley to my newest being a 2O06 Dodge Viper, as well as a fleet of Harley Davidsons, and other forms of 12 volt battery vehicles. So when I designed this product line, I needed something that was compatible with all of these vehicles. The consequence of having so many vehicles is that not all of them can be given equal love and so some went weeks, months or even years with no use at all. So when I actually did go to use the car... the battery would be dead. This is unbelievably irritating. In order to preserve time, I have all my vehicles that sit, connected to a Save A Battery Charging unit and now, I know that the batteries will almost never be the problem. I know you will see that what I have designed comes from years of experience with car, vehicles, mistakes and time wasted. The product I designed is the dream made form of what I have always wanted for my precious automotive collection, to keep my car batteries in tip top shape, making my cars very happy. I know our chargers can make your life easier, as they have mine while saving you money, a lot of it, with not having to replace your battery. They resolve a lot of issues that other products just don't address.

So please, buy my charger and Save A Battery. That's green you know.

Frank Gabrielli, President, Granite Digital